Featured Night-Light Plushies

A perfect bedtime friend. Be brave in the dark with these soft and cuddly light-up plush toys.

"The best of the best of the hottest trends for the year" -Global TV



"Gifts for Kids Ages 3-5: Surprise them with something they're sure to love this holiday season." -Canadian Family Magazine



"Our Favorite Sleep Toys" -Parents Canada Magazine




"2013 Top Toy of the Year Award" -Creative Child Magazine


"5-Star Certified (highest rating) for Ease of Use, Durability, Visual Appeal, Functionality, Cost Efficiency, and Originality." -WTSToyReview.com



"Parenting Toys of the Year 2012 Playlist" -Parenting Magazine




"Holiday Gift Guide 2013" -Toronto Sun



"How can robots with batteries and wiring be this cuddly?"  -Metro Parent Magazine



"What probably clinched the deal for kids was the vibrating light up feature. The doll vibrates and the light in his chest glows making it ideal for a nightlight and a bedtime companion." -The National Parenting Center
"Brobo and his robot friends are unique, high-quality plush toys that are so soft, cuddly and adorable! Just rub their hand on their belly and the light turns on as a “Shine Force” to scare away any night time frights the child might be having. Watch your children get braver at bedtime now that they have this buddy to keep them company." -Parent Tested Parent Approved Media


"When it comes to calming that anxiety, BROBO pulls double duty by providing an immensely cute and huggable plush character with a built-in nightlight... with large eyes and quirky, colorful design, quickly becomes the object of your child's affection." -Tillywig Toy & Media Awards



"Some of the hottest and coolest toy trends for the year ahead." -Global Morning Show (watch video)


"Hot Toy of the Season: Mom Tracy likes that there are three lighting levels and that it turns off after 5 minutes." -San Diego Family Magazine


"Despite the batteries and mechanics needed to run his light, I'm surprised at just how cuddly a stuffy he really is! His stitching is great quality. Bedtime has gotten a lot less stressful. And, for some great news - they were created by Canadians!" -LearningTitus2.com


"10 Baby Products You Cannot Live Without: The Brobo plush night-light is a very cool update to a traditional night-light because you can turn it on for five minutes while changing a diaper, and it will also grow into a toy when your child feels afraid of the dark as a toddler." -SheKnows.com


"Annual Summer Fun & Travel Wish List" -Calgary's Child Magazine


"Latest and Greatest of Toys" -The Bulletin, Oregon


"The Best Toys and Games You've Never Heard Of - The shine force can light up, blink and vibrate. Perfect for kids 2-6 to give them that robot experience early." -ToysBulletin.com


"Will soon be on everyone’s Hot List." -HaveSippyWillTravel.com


"(Brobo) and his friends offer a reassuring sleepy-time mode that helps little ones be brave at night, plus a cheerful play-time mode — both are activated by swiping the toy’s right hand over his chest."-Toys & Games Magazine


"Brobo and his friends are the perfect solution for anyone who is afraid of the dark. And they are so adorable. Brave toys like this can help to chase monsters away. Too bad my kids are not that great at sharing, so two toys are needed." -Way2GoodLife.com (DOG review)



"My kids seem to fall asleep a lot faster with the Brobo huggable night lights in bed with them." -ShopWithMeMama.com


"For a kid who is afraid of the dark, one looking for a friend in the middle of the night who will make them feel safe and protected, well, this product is pure genius. And it's great for moms and dads when reading to the kids in bed as well." -Fodder4Fathers.com




"I think the standout might be Mumu – not often that you see a mummy robot...or a robotic mummy." -PlasticAndPlush.com
"Zackary and Benjamin both fell in love with their new friends, Brobo and Mumu, the very first night." -MommyKatAndKids.com


"Kids will love the funky designs, and the build quality ensures parents a long friendship for their children." -Captain Toy


"Great for camping." -Toy Girls

"It qualifies as a designer toy, but it's just a really well done one, and I think it has mass market appeal." -Toy Break


"These are cool!" -Kano Kimanyen

"Some of our favorite new products" -ParentsAtPlay.com


"Great new product" -ParryGamePreserve.com


"20 Favorite Finds from New York Toy Fair" -LilSugar.com


"Best Brand Design - Brobo and friends have already begun to win an audience for their visual appeal" -CuteMonster.com


"The kids just love these futuristic plush character night lights - great for snuggling and making the night so much more fun." -LuckyPennyShop.com (watch video)



"As I made my way across Manhattan it elicited stares and I even had a couple of hip twenty-somethings ask me where I got it." -MacaroniKid.com


"Helps children to be brave in the dark." -ToyBook.com


"Very neat version of a light up toy. Cute!" -The Toy Spy


"2013 Cool Stuff for the Holidays" -Calgary Sun


"Christmas Gift Guide 2012 - Cool Stuff for Infants and Young Kids" -Calgary Sun
"I wish Brobo was around when I was younger so that I could have had an adorable plush friend to light up the scary nighttime. I think the Dog has to be my very favorite. It's so adorable and I love those eyes it has with that stuck out little tongue. It almost reminds me of our faithful Tomopup!" -Tomopop.com


"My girls love how cuddly and soft they are... they honestly haven't put them down for more than 10 minutes since we received them! lol!" -My 1/2 Dozen Daily



"Adorable plush anime-style robots... They’re half toy, half night-light, all cute." -PoeGhostal.com


"She held onto our Pep and snuggled with it during her nap. I am a big fan of the futuristic space look of these guys. Shine Force has something for everybody. Good looks, great quality, and a mission to light up the darkness for kids everywhere make Brobo and The Shine Force a must have for any kid/parent." -CookeFamily.us



"Must-Haves - Children will sleep peacefully and securely knowing that Brobo is watching over them." -15MinutesMagazine.com


"Touch Brobo’s hands to his chest and he glows with a soft, comforting light" -Oman Tribune


"He was excited when he figured out how to make the dog light up on his own. I was pleased with how cute and cuddly this little guy is. I joked with my husband that maybe I need a Brobo to help me sleep better at night." -SweetSillySara.com


"These guys are cute, cuddly and act as a night light to keep kids safe at night" -DadDoes.com (watch video)


"Some of my personal favorites at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair were these guys here" -MommasReviews.com


"One of my favorite toys from the Chicago Toy and Game Fair was BROBO and friends. I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals... but these little guys are so cute that they just won me over. BROBO and his friends also have a video on YouTube that I discovered. It’s a song to help kids learn numbers and Jake watched it with a huge smile and wanted to keep watching it over and over again." -MakingTimeForMommy.com


"My son is very scared of the dark. He always has been. To the point sometimes a typical wall night-light just won’t work. Imagine how excited I was when I discovered Brobo. It’s a huggable night-light!! My son will not go anywhere without him. It is his new best friend. His favorite part is when TREX kicks on there is a little vibration. He said "It's TREX way showing me he is ready to play!" -WomanOfManyRoles.com


"They are extremely well-made toys. Very very good quality! A very effective night-light." -Toy Review TV


"It does seem all well worth it when a little girl giggles hugging a pink plush toy, 'Mommy! This is the best present EVER! It’s PEP – I love her so much!' Since she is going through the “Monster under the bed” stage, it definitely helps to have shine force by your side. I am just happy to get her the best gift ever." -Way2GoodLife.com (PEP review)

What Parents Are Saying

"They have been a big hit with the girls. Mumu now goes everywhere with Shona. This is a big deal as they were never really into plush toys. I've attached a photo I took of her, cuddled up in bed. Mumu looks pretty happy to be there!" - R. O'Connor



"My son (20 months) really enjoys playing with his "woof woof" (we have the Dog). The toy has become a permanent fixture in my son's bed. It is cute and huggable and has brought tons of smiles, laughs, giggles and squeals of excitement." - A. Truck


"I wanted you to know that Dog is part of my daughter's bedtime routine nightly. She weaned from nursing about a month ago and Dog was essential for a smooth transition. We snuggle in bed for story time with Dog providing our reading light. It's great how she can turn on our reading light while I flip off the room light and I love that Dog's light turns off automatically. Sometimes we go through '3 cycles' or so but she never protests when it's time for lights out." - N. Valentine


"I gave the toy to my 2.5 year old daughter. She gets a kick out of rubbing his hand on his belly to make the light come on. We still use our Brobo light almost every night. :)" - T. Millis



"In less than an hour, she was telling him she loved him. My daughter puts Mumu in bed with her and is proud to be able to have her own controllable night light in her room. I like that there is an option for intensity. My daughter likes the blinking lights and the vibration sound, which sounds like a real robot. She also likes to hug this toy, because it is so soft." - Mom23


"My son took it and pretty much didn't put it down for 48hrs! He made him ride around in his trucks and that very afternoon he had to sit Brobo at the table and "shared" his lunch with him. He also had to sleep with him that night and the next few too - it is still in his bed along with his other stuffed toys! When my husband first saw it and we told him how it lit up he thought it was not that impressive and looked like it should do more....but as soon as I explained the concept of "braving the dark" his opinion changed to thinking it was pretty cool. I like the idea of the Brobo Shine Force toys because they have gloworms, etc. that play songs and light up for babies, but once kids are a little older this is a better option. I also think that an older child wouldn't feel quite as embarrassed if another child were to see this toy as opposed to the toys of the same nature for babies. It might be cool if it made some sort of superhero/strong/blast off type noise when the light came on...something to kind of show "power/no fear", but I also like that it is a silent toy!!" - R. McCord



"My son thinks it's a great stuffed "friend". He likes to carry him around at home, the car, etc... I'm not sure he understands to use it if he is afraid of the dark." - K. Stewart

"We received the Brobo puppy! My son loves to carry it around during the day. It's a cute, huggable, and bright toy, that my son enjoys. Thank you." - A. Woods


"Received the toys yesterday. Everything I hoped they would be. Showed them to my wife and she loved them so much she doesn't want to wait for Christmas to give them to the kids." - C. Cerra


"I heard about Brobo through this fantastic parenting page on Facebook. So i hopped online and my son was so excited to meet his new toy. He sleeps with it every night and carries him around closer to bedtime to use as a flash light whenever he gets scared." - C. Dana



"My 21 month old daughter loves this toy!!! She was hugging Mumu & carrying him around & even pretending to feed him lol. I think she likes that it has a big head because she was carrying him around by his head & telling him he was cute. When we received Mumu she was so excited and started jumping up & down. I think this toy is nice for little kids because it is a fun size, has a cute face, & my daughter loves the light. I thought my daughter would be kind of weary about the mummy but she actually really seems to love him. He has been attached to her most of the day today. She even took him for a ride in her stroller. I think this could be a really popular toy." - Bella's Momma

"What a hit these were with the grandchildren! All three ages 8, 5 and 4 were thrilled with them!" - S. Day


"My nephew in Brooklyn, New York received his Mumu, which we sent as a Christmas gift and I am told that he has not put it down! I am confident that when Milo shows his friends Brobo, you will be sending many more." - J. Bingham

"My daughter needs another pink Brobo. I am hoping you have more… PLEASE? Bedtime was hell… ;) Thanks." - C. Côté


"I ordered the original Brobo for my 6 year old stepson and nephew. When I brought them home yesterday and gave them to the boys, they were totally ecstatic! My 1 year old daughter quickly took possession of my son's Brobo so of course I had to order Pep for her." - C. Hemphill


"She is loving Pep. They've been inseparable all day." - K. Rabel


"We got Dog and my boys love it! We were at Navy Pier in Chicago for the Toy Fair and we got one of our boys the Robot Brobo and he sleeps with it every night. My other boy wanted one too, so we got him Dog. We even took take them on vacation with us! Thanks." - L. Feczko


"Emma wants to go to bed right now. That is highly unusual, the kid stays up until midnight almost every day, so I think that means she LOVES Dog. She was tucked into bed an hour ago reading him a story and now she's just announced she's done for the night. Thanks again, that toy is a success for sure!" - S. Toffin


"This toy is great! Just bought one each for Aaron & Maria. Love the light feature. Maria's a little scared of the dark, and uses the light like a flashlight when she goes to the bathroom." - K. Hardy


"I bought them for my niece and nephew, age 4 and 6 and they went absolutely crazy for them. Nothing beats the quality." - W. Fisher