About Us

Brobo is a huggable night-light and the cuddliest robot in town. Swipe his hand over his heart to light up the dark! We created Brobo and his lovable friends to help your kids be brave at bedtime. You can purchase Brobo toys online or in these stores.

Brobo's design originally took form in Toronto with some cute sketches of 5 robot friends from the future. We developed the Brobo "Shine Force" idea in Calgary and continued refining our toy designs in LA, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, where we eventually began production, personally supervising Brobo's safety and quality standards. Somewhere along the way we also created short storybooks and online cartoons.

Watching Brobo come to life has been an adventure and a great blessing. We are currently located in Toronto and Calgary. We hope Brobo can bring a light of joy and hope to children everywhere.


     Kim Blair & Jeff Lai,

              Creators of Brobo.