Where do I buy a Brobo toy?
Our toys are available online at www.brobo.com and in these stores.

Who is Brobo?
Brobo is a small cuddly robot with big bright heart. You can find Brobo and his robot friends in online cartoons, storybooks, and toys.
Brobo is a brave red robot from the future. He likes adventures and learning.
Pep is a pink robot sweetheart. She likes cupcakes and sharing.
Trex is a big orange dinosaur robot. He likes pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Mumu is a ninja robot mummy. He likes vacations and hip-hop.
Dog is a blue puppy robot. He likes walks in the park and fetch.

What is a Brobo toy?
Brobo is a huggable night-light. These "Shine Force" plush toys are perfect for sleepytime. Kids can take Brobo to bed and control the light by themselves. Plus it turns off automatically after 5 minutes.

How do I activate Brobo?
Swipe his chest with his right hand to activate "flashlight mode" for playtime.
Swipe again for "night-light" mode at bedtime. 
Swipe again to turn the light off. 
The light has a 5-minute auto-off.
Make sure the power switch inside the head is flipped ON.

What age is Brobo suitable for?
Brobo toys are recommended for kids ages 18 months and up. This toy is a great night-light plush for boys and girls ages 2-6, although we've also seen Brobo purchased for kids and adults of all ages.

How big is Brobo?
Brobo, Mumu, Trex, and Pep toys are all approximately 13 inches in height. Dog is about 9 inches tall.

Why isn't Dog priced cheaper than Brobo?
Even though Dog is smaller, he is priced equal to Brobo because Dog has several extra details, like ears, a tongue, and a tail.

What type of batteries does Brobo use?
Brobo requires 3 AA batteries. The battery case and power switch is located in the back of the head and requires a Phillips screwdriver to access the batteries. We use velcro to seal the case inside the head. Batteries are included.

How often do I need to replace the batteries?
The battery life depends on several factors but battery replacement should be quite rare. We'd expect that the batteries will need replacing every 4 months with regular usage. This is because we use low-energy LED lights with 3 AA batteries and the light has a 5-minute auto-off.

Who created Brobo?
Brobo was created by Canadians Kim Blair (DeWinton, Alberta) and Jeff Lai (Oakville, Ontario). Before they formed their toy company, Keji, Inc., they were best friends and cheerleading partners (International Open Level 6). Together they developed Brobo over 2 years in Calgary, Toronto, LA, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. 

Where do I find Brobo cartoons?
We create educational cartoons and put them online. Find Brobo cartoons on our YouTube channel.

What is Brobo made of?
Brobo and his robot friends are made using super soft velboa. This is the softest highest-quality fabric in the industry. As soon as you hug Brobo, you'll see what I mean. The toys are made with all new materials and stuffed with polyester fiber. They also contain inner bagged PE plastic pellets in the feet and bum.

Is Brobo machine washable?
No. The electronics can't be easily separated from the rest of the toy, so Brobo toys are strictly surface washable. Spot clean only. Surface wash with mild solution of soap and water. Rinse with water to remove soap solution. Wipe or air dry.

Where is Brobo made?
We design and develop Brobo in Canada and personally supervise the manufacturing in China.

Are your toys safe?
Our Brobo toys are lab tested and approved, adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality (TSSA, CCPSA, CPSIA and ASTM F963-11).