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We’ve been in Portland since before it was cool. We are a homegrown Oregon brand staffed by people who love to make you laugh. You’ll find us riding scooters through the warehouse, powering up the jukebox, and finding new ways to make our toys with love and quality. Our ideas are homegrown, too: our notebooks are filled with new designs and our workshop could give Santa a run for his money. The Hog Wild office is buzzing with people who love to make things, and people who love to make things happen. Fun is our profession. 


Do you like to have fun? Then you’re in the club. Hog Wild serves up hours of entertainment for kids, families and adults who still think poo is funny. (It is still funny.) We make toys for people who like to laugh, who like to run, and who like to capture super ridiculous moments on camera so you can watch them again later. If you find yourself bored by the usual offerings, you should take a spin through Hog Wild’s inventory: We definitely have something for you.

Who is Hog Wild Toys?

Hog Wild - Piggy Principles:
(aka. Our values)

There's something a little different about what Hog Wild serves up - and we like it that way! You won't find an avalanche of same-old same-old ideas here. Our toys are out of the box, off the wall, and bouncing with creativity. We aim to dream up what you've never seen before. Our toys are built for hours of fun. They're made to stick on walls, bounce off targets, and fling things farther and faster than anything else on the market. They're made to make you go "woah", "yikes", and "OMG!" Not to mention, Hog Wild products are made to last, just like the memories! We are in this business for the fun of it - both the company's and the consumers'!

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