Are you ready to start selling some of the world’s most above-average toys and gifts?

Retail & Wholesale

If so, we commend you on a brilliant move or lack of thinking this through. It’s really very easy to get started. Just give us some basic information about your store(s) and we’ll unlock all the secrets of Hog Wild (i.e. you’ll have access to a PDF of our most recent catalog, a fun to fill out credit application and a really boring product specs sheet).

You can also contact one our fairly decent sales persons (choose from the list below and good luck on the one you email). Hate email? Then pick up the phone and call toll free at 1.888.231.6465 (OINK).

Domestic Retailer Contacts:

Where can I find your product?

Thanks for trying to find Hog Wild Products at some of America’s finest retailers (OK, some are not really that fine but we’re not naming names).

We highly recommend that you contact your favorite local Hog Wild retailer BEFORE you go there. You see, sometimes stores are either sold out of the product you want or maybe don’t like the product that you like and don’t carry it all. So be smarter than the average road hog – and avoid wasting time and fuel.

To use the store locator, enter your zip code, cross your fingers and click submit. Hog Wild is no Google, but we HAVE been called a bunch of yahoos. Ouch.


Q: Why should I give my lifeblood (i.e. best idea; only idea; kid’s college fund; sole source of beer money) to Hog Wild?

A: Six reasons to suffer through the pain of dealing with Hog Wild and their moronic management team:

  1. We sell free-thinking toys and gifts, but we don’t play games with inventors.
  2. NDA’s gladly signed and enforced.
  3. We pay competitive royalties.
  4. We are good at extending lines and keeping good products alive longer.
  5. We aggressively market and promote our products.
  6. Although the USA is our largest market, we sell our products in many other foreign countries.

What’s Next? Send us an email and make contact. After we receive your email, we’ll send you a non disclosure agreement to protect your idea. Once signed, we’d like to hear your idea.

If it sounds good, we’ll then want to see a prototype. That prototype is important as we’ll send it to the factory to cost out and help us establish a wholesale and retail cost. The prototype does not need to be cosmetically perfect but it does need to function and show mechanically how the product works.

If the pricing works, we’ll enter into an agreement that pays you royalty in exchange for the exclusive rights to the product. We fund all the tooling, production and marketing costs in exchange for the exclusive rights.

If you have questions, just ask. Emails should be sent to: invent@hogwildtoys.com

This is for inventor submissions/inquiries only. If you want to place an order or have any other questions please send e-mail to orders@hogwildtoys.com


We sell our products in a number of countries outside of the USA through stocking distributors. If you’d like to be one, maybe we should talk.

You can visit us at our showroom in Hong Kong (1/F, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon) or check us out at a convenient tradeshow like Nuremberg or Distoy.

All communication should be sent to rob@hogwildtoys.com. He runs the International sales and can you tell everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.